70 kilometers from Thessaloniki

75 kilometers from Kavala Kavala

65 kilometers from Mount Athos Mount Athos

15 kilometers from Volvi Lake LakeVolvi

A location with many advantages

Stavros is located almost at the middle of the distance between Thessaloniki and Kavala, at the border of Chalkidiki Prefecture. A location with many advantages, as a starting point for daily excursions and also easy to reach.

At a distance of approximately 80 km east of Thessaloniki and Makedonia Airport, and west of Kavala and Chrisoupoli Airport, the location is easily accessible by plane.

It is also less than an hour away from other important cities: 55 km from Ouranoupoli, Chalkidiki, 56 km from Serres and 70 km. from Drama.

Beautiful and historical places nearby, such as the Macedonian Tempi, lake Volvi, ancient Stageira, home of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, Mount Athos, the museum of Amphipolis with the well-known lion statue and the beautiful Cave of Alistrati, are great destinations for you to visit and enjoy their unique atmosphere.

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